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  Media tours result in several television news features on college's Smart Sensor (SSIM) and diesel research labs

Sep 1, 2006 - Fox 2 News and Automotive News crews visited the college in October on the heels of Gov. Jennifer Granholm's visit last month. As a result, Fox 2 News aired a feature by reporter Paul Herdtner on various standout improvements and research activities at Wayne State, including robotic surgery sensor enhancement carried out by the SSIM lab. He also ducked inside an Automotive Research Center lab housing a unique multi-million optical 'transparent' engine being used among other things to study and improve new fuels, including biodiesel. Also, Fox 2 News aired a feature by reporter Dena Centofanti on SSIM's breast cancer detection project using ultrasound to detect cancer in real-time in its earliest stage.

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