Research and Programs: Bio/Neuro Implants Bio/Chem/Rad Sensors Robotics and Sensor Fusion Energy Educational Programs

May 28, 2017
Seraph Biosciences closes on $5 million funding round

Oct 21, 2013
Upcoming Talks by SSIM Faculty

Aug 12, 2013
Olena Palyvoda named recipient of the Robert S. Jampel, M.D., Ph.D. Endowed Prize in Ophthalmology

Oct 7, 2011
New think tank in Detroit to develop medical marvels

Jun 5, 2011
Innovation Institute 'conversation changer'

Apr 16, 2010
SSIM faculty and staff honored at the 2010 WSU College of Engineering Honors Convocation.

Oct 28, 2009
iSURGITEC 2009 Conference

Oct 1, 2009
Smart Micro-Sensor Development & Integration Smart Micro-Sensor Development & Integration

Apr 27, 2009
The new SSIM laboratories officially opened in the Marvin I. Danto Engineering Development Center (EDC)

Apr 24, 2009
SSIM faculty and staff honored for WSU service at Employee Recognition Program

Nov 28, 2008
SSIM Program Coordinator earns Entepreneur Award

Oct 10, 2008
SSIM reseach staff members Olena Palyvoda, Ph.D. and Chantelle Hughes, Ph.D. each received 2008 Woman of Wayne Awards

Oct 10, 2008
SSIM 2008 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Award

Oct 1, 2008
Beaumont Hospital and Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems Program Collaborative Project

Oct 1, 2008
SSIM research team led by Prof. Greg Auner awarded $300,000 for work on novel optical and chemical sensors for detection of explosive devices

Oct 1, 2008
Prof. Greg Auner receives Alumni Association Faculty Service Award

Apr 29, 2008
SSIM staff research member Chris Trush received Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Award and two patents

Apr 21, 2008
"At the Carbon Crossroads: Embracing a Green Michigan"

Nov 22, 2007
Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., toured the College of Engineering's Smart Sensor and Integrated Microsystems laboratories .

Nov 16, 2007
"Nano at Wayne" luncheon seminar featuring SSIM

Nov 13, 2007
SSIM researchers and Children's Hospital test virtual biopsy technology

Oct 9, 2007
SSIM research staff members Michelle A. Brusatori, Ph.D. and Barbara House, M.A. each received 2007 Woman of Wayne Awards.

May 26, 2007
SSIM CARES group will give presentations on Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems Program recent research activities

May 2, 2007
City, state and University officials join students, staff and faculty to celebrate Marvin I. Danto Engineering Development Center groundbreaking

Feb 19, 2007
Virtual biopsy on the way

Nov 16, 2006
Greg Auner named "Everyday Hero" by RARE Foundation

Nov 16, 2006
It's not all about campfires -- Girl Scouts visit College

Nov 16, 2006
SSIM program awarded 3-year NSF grant to support undergraduate research

Nov 16, 2006
Computer simulation software developed SSIM researchers tested at NASA Johnston Space Center

Oct 14, 2006
College hosts Engineering homecoming event

Sep 1, 2006
Media tours result in several television news features on college's Smart Sensor (SSIM) and diesel research labs

Apr 3, 2006
SSIM program selected for 2006 University Safety Award

Sep 29, 2005
Congressional aides tour SSIM labs

Sep 29, 2005
SSIM receives $2 million for pathogen monitor project

Sep 7, 2005
Wayne State researchers lead nanoscience revolution

Aug 28, 2005
Wayne State hopes new engineering center speeds research

Apr 11, 2005
Wayne State University, Kresge Eye Institute, Detroit Medical Center partner on microsystems research

Nov 22, 2004
Senator Levin Visits SSIM Labs

Mar 22, 2004
Michigan Small Tech leaders explore collaborations at MISTA event

Nov 10, 2003
Congressman Knollenberg Tours SSIM labs

Nov 7, 2003
Dr. Auner Receives Arthur R. Carr Award

Aug 25, 2003
New WSU lab opens for business amid high hopes

Mar 19, 2003
New Motown MEMS lab will steer Delphi beyond the automobile

Mar 6, 2003
Michigan snags needed fab capacity with new WSU lab

Sep 1, 2002
SSIM Lab Awarded $2.64 for Biosensor Implant Cover Research

Sep 1, 2002
Real-Time Water and Air Analyzer Will Improve Beach Monitoring

Sep 1, 2002
SSIM to Get $1.6 Million for Development of Space-Based Microsystems

Sep 1, 2002
New Clean Room Scheduled to Be Operational by End of Year

Sep 1, 2002
Delphi contributed more than $7 million in state-of-the-art clean room equipment to the College of Engineering's Smart Sensor and Integrated Microsystems (SSIM) lab.

Jul 19, 2002
Wayne State gets $2.64 million for sensor research