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  SSIM Electronic Materials Integrated Technology (EMIT) Laboratory

This cutting edge laboratory focuses on the research and development of important electronic and photonic materials, and the processing and micromachining of micro- and nanostructures and devices. Equipment

  • Lambda Physik LPX 200 and 300 Excimer Lasers integrated with two pulse-laser deposition UHV systems and an ultra-high precision micromachining setup
  • Pulse-laser deposition chamber for oxide film growth
  • Pulse-laser deposition chamber for pure metal and nitride growth
  • Excimer laser micromachining optical bench, which includes precise-beam homogenization and attenuation. The sample step and repeat stage has optically encoded 25-nanometer XYZ beta and rocking resolution. The Excimer laser micromachining system is housed in a class-10 clean room
  • Ultra-high-vacuum balanced magnetron-sputtering system with microwave radical injector system for development of metal oxide films at low temperatures
  • Ultra-high-vacuum multitarget sputtering system with rotating sample palette for precision thin-film multilayer deposition
  • Ultra-high-vacuum plasma source molecular beam epitaxy (PSMBE) for nitride growth