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  SSIM Magnetic Characterization Laboratory

This magnetic characterization laboratory is located in the Department of Physics & Astronomy.

  • Two Quantum Design model MPMS-5S SQUID magnetometers (ultra low-field option installed in one magnetometer and high-temperature oven insert is available)
  • Lake Shore model 7000 ac susceptometer
  • Homebuilt ac susceptometers (4-300 K, variable frequencies, 0.010 – 16 Oe rms)
  • EG&G model 155 vibrating sample magnetometer with LHe cryostat and 1.2-T electromagnet
  • Two LHe cryostats for magnetoresistance and I-V characteristics measurements (Keithley model K220 and K224 programmable current sources, two Keithley model 182 nano voltometers, several Keithley model 197 multimeters, Keithley model 617 electrometer, EG&G model 5204 lock-in detector and input transformer)
  • 9-Tesla superconducting magnet/cryostat (Janis)
  • 7-Tesla superconducting magnet/cryostat (Cryomagnetics)
  • Homebuilt B-vs-H hysteresis, toroidal sample tester. Homebuilt FMR spectrometer system (9 GHz)
  • Spex Triax 550 series Raman/photoluminescence spectrometer
  • 4He calorimeter w/ 4-Tesla superconducting magnet (1.2 – 100 K, adiabatic and relaxation techniques)
  • 3He cryostat for calorimetric, susceptometry, and magnetization measurements with SQUID probe
  • Digital III multi-mode AFM/MFM (in Professor Mao’s group in Chemical Engineering)
  • One ultrahigh vacuum custom-built MBE system for magnetic film growth with RHEED
  • One three-source, rotational substrate rf sputtering system
  • One four-hearth e-beam deposition system
  • Single-source dc sputtering system