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  High Temperature Materials Laboratory

  • This laboratory has an induction heating system (Ameritherm), induction-radiant system with SiC susceptors, radiant heating furnaces (one CM Thermal Cycling Furnace with 1600C capability and two Carbolite Furnaces with 1500C capability)
  • There are three modern MTS servohydraulic 810 material testing systems with 2, 22, and 55 kip loading capabilities. These machines are run by modern Testar software system. There are both contact and non-contact (OPTRON) extensometers for strain measurements at high temperature. There are conditioning chambers (moisture and temperature) for controlling test environment
  • An Echo-Therm Thermal Wave Imaging System and a Digital Speckle System is also available
  • Excellent computational facilities are available. Three Sun stations dedicated for finite element calculations are available to SSIM researchers. ABAQUS, NASTRAN, HYPERMESH, IDEAS And LS-DYNA3D codes are available. College of Engineering Computer Center offers great capability for solid mechanics related computational programs and UNIX hardware systems. A WSU Cray ĖYMP is also available for research