Research and Programs: Bio/Neuro Implants Bio/Chem/Rad Sensors Robotics and Sensor Fusion Energy Educational Programs
  SSIM Electronic/Photonic Characterization Laboratory

The characterization laboratory houses test and measurement equipment for analysis of materials and devices. The lab contains specialized testing stations for the electronic, photonic and acoustic characterization of sensors and integrated microsystems. The lab also includes biological testing facilities for biological and chemical sensors and microsystems. Computer Assisted Robot Enhanced Systems (CARES) Equipment

  • Raman spectrometer
  • Voice-controlled Aesop robot arm
  • B-Scan ultrasound system
  • RT-100 robot
  • Robix robot
  • 3D- Autosteroscopic lenticular display
  • Hires stereoscopic heads-up display
  • Cyber touch hand
  • Two hi-resolution video cameras and adapters
Photonic Characterization Equipment
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer for variable angle optical transmission and reflection measurements and integrated temperature dependent photoconductivity measurement features
  • Digikrom 240, Digikrom 340 spectrometers system with purged nitrogen compartment and integrated temperature dependent photoluminescence, photoconductivity measurement features in the 200-800 nm wave range and 4.5-730K temperature range
  • A variable angle single wavelength ellipsometry system
Electrical Characterization Equipment
  • Custom built Hall effect system with 70K – 800K sample heating
  • Signatone S-250 submicron analytical probe station with dark box, Signatone S-300 and Signatone S-1041 Hot Chuck System for electrical characterization.
    This system includes:
    • HP 8753D network analyzer
    • HP 4291ALF impedance analyzer
    • Keithley 237 high voltage source
    • Keithley 228A high current source
    • Keithley 6517A electrometer/high resistance meter
    • HP 54825A four-channel digitizing oscilloscope
    • HP 4140B pA meter/DC voltage source
  • Four probe resistivity test system
  • Hydrogen sensor test system
  • CO sensor test system
  • Ultrasound sensor test system, with PA (Precision Acoustics) 1mm calibrated needle hydrophone
  • Ultrasound imaging system with Imperium AcoustoCam I-110 ultrasound camera
  • Perkin Elmer glower, which can be used as the infrared source for infrared detector test
  • Raytheon 2000B infrared camera
  • Gamry PCI4/300 potentiostat and bioanalytical C3 cell stand for electroanalytical experiments