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  SSIM Service Center

This lab is approximately 5,000 square feet of class 10/100 clean room with full microlithography, characterization and packaging for advanced MEMS, microelectronics and microsystems fabrication. This lab has over $7.1 million of state-of-the-art equipment donated by Delphi Corp. The clean room facilities contain microelectronic fabrication facilities for up to 6-inch wafers from basic processing to metrology and packaging. The clean room bays are outlined as follows:

  • Wafer processing bay with an advanced 10-tube-processing furnace for oxide, nitride, oxynitride, PECVD and high-temperature processing of hundreds of wafers per batch with eight tubes for different processes
  • Plasma etching facilities that include plasma enhanced chemical etching and deep trench etching facilities
  • Wet etching and chemical processing bay for wet chemistry
  • Class 10 photolithography bay with manual and automatic wafer coating, mask alignment and development
  • Metallization bay with sputter deposition and electron beam evaporation deposition systems
  • Silicon-plus bay with production plasma source molecular beam epitaxy (PSMBE) system for deposition of wide bandgap semiconductors on up to six inch diameter wafers
  • Metrology and packaging bay for device measurement, wire bonding and device packaging facilities