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  Children’s Hospital of Michigan (CHM) Research Facilities

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan is a 225 bed full service children’s hospital in Detroit, Michigan. There is an active Hematology/Oncology service, which is a member of the Children’s Oncology group. There is a regular Tumor Conference. There are five geographic full time pediatric surgeons, as well as geographic full time surgical specialist in all areas. There are 12 Operating Rooms for a facility that does approximately 12,000 cases a year. OR12 in the hospital’s OR suite is a state of the art dedicated robotic surgery suite with full two way teleconferencing and Socrates telementoring capability. There is also a Pathology Department consisting of two full time pediatric pathologist on site who also administers a Pediatric Pathology Fellowship. In addition, there are two other pediatric pathologists in the Medical Center who limit themselves to Neural Pathology or Fetal Pathology. The two geographic full time pediatric Pathologists have committed to this, as has the Chairman of the Department of Pathology at Wayne State University. The Pathology Department is directly adjacent to the operating rooms. The Raman microscope/spectrometer is housed there and maintained by the Department of Pathology. In this manner all specimens would be available for Raman microscopy.

The Frankel Pediatric Advanced Technology Institute is a part of the Children’s Research Center of Michigan, a cooperative effort of the Department of Pediatrics at Wayne State University and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. This work is supported by a dedicated, large operating room facility at the Elliman Building with full animal husbandry and veterinary support. There is 400 square feet of operating room space dedicated to robotic surgery with a complete Zeus surgical robotic system and all equipment necessary for minimally invasive surgery. This OR includes full videoconferencing capabilities including Socrates telementoring. In addition, there are 1500 square feet of swine holding areas, pathology laboratory, pre and post op holding rooms, and other space and equipment necessary for survival animal studies. This room is dedicated entirely to the work of the Frankel Pediatric Advanced Technology Institute. There is other space available, as needed, including imaging facilities.