Research and Programs: Bio/Neuro Implants Bio/Chem/Rad Sensors Robotics and Sensor Fusion Energy Educational Programs
  SSIM Biomicrosystems Laboratory

The SSIM Biomicrosystems laboratory is dedicated to the translational development of biological and chemical sensors and integrated microsystem device structures. The lab contains a class 100 clean room for biomicrosystem processing and a class 100,000 clean room for general substrate preparation.
Class 100 Clean Room

  • Semicon photoresist spin deposition and spin developer bench for both positive and negative photoresist
  • Semicon filtered etch chemical etching bench
  • KSV 5000 Langmere Bludgett organic deposition system for deposition of organic and biological thin films
  • Biological station for the growth and immobilization of neurons on devices
  • Biological station for pathogenic bacteria investigation
  • Gamma Imaging system for radioisotope tagging of ligands and organics
  • Automated photolithography deposition and development station
  • Deep UV microlithography station for biodevice development
  • Class 10 clean bench with stereo microscope for microsurgery and cell/tissue research
Class 100,000 Clean Room
  • Sensor characterization station
  • Renishaw inVia Raman Microscope
  • Photonics and microfluidic characterization station
  • RF implant characterization station for bioimplant characterization
  • Inverted biological microscope for bright field, fluorescence, and calcium imaging
  • Agilent 8648B signal generator
  • Agilent 53132A universal counter
  • Agilent 8753D 30XHz - 6 GHz network analyzer
  • Agilent Infinium 2 GSa/S oscilloscope
  • HP 8508A vector volmeter
  • Advanced real-time microscopic visualization system with built in incubator and environmental chamber for observation of live cell growth
  • Waveguide Characterization Station - Acoustically isolated stating with micro pump systems for controlled fluid injection into microfluidic devices. Also contains waveguide alignment system with fiber or waveguide light sources, that include a UV capable pulsed Q switched Nd: YAG laser, micromanipulators and microscope