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  SSIM Graduate Program

The SSIM Graduate Program - integrates ongoing research efforts in our Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystem (SSIM) Program into a cooperative traineeship program. This program builds upon existing sensor-related projects to develop a concerted thrust in the area of sensor integration with VLSI circuitry, a growing research strength at Wayne State University. Active programs in wide-bandgap semiconductor materials, graded pyroelectrics, photonic systems, thin-film magnetic devices, organic film devices, and integrated (intelligent) technology will form the core research that is the cornerstone of the interdisciplinary Masters/Ph.D. curriculum. The curriculum consists of a series of hands-on (lecture and laboratory) courses on sensors and integrated devices developed by university and industrial participants. Graduate thesis training is based on teaming where students work individually on different components of a major interdisciplinary project.

Projects developing specialized Integrated Microsystems are in the following strategically important areas

  1. Automotive and Aerospace
  2. Computer Assisted Robotic Enhanced Systems (CARES)
  3. Enabling Technology
  4. Biomedical Microsystems
  5. Energy Systems
This research-educational project has the active support of industry, particularly, DTE Energy Foundation, Delphi Corporation and U.S. Army TACOM, who provide substantial resources as a match to this program and who participate in lectures, research training, and oversight/assessment of the project.

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